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Tucker Brown

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Tucker V. Brown was born and raised in Telluride. He spent his childhood skiing, hiking, climbing, biking, and riding horses in the mountains around Telluride. He worked selling newspapers at the family owned Telluride Times Newspaper . During his time at the Telluride High School, Tucker was a member of the Telluride Freestyle ski team, the Lizardhead hockey team, and participated in water testing on the San Miguel River. After graduating from Telluride High School in 1997 he went to Colorado Mountain Collage in Steamboat Springs CO. He attended school at Colorado Mountain Collage in Steamboat Springs CO for one year after which time he transferred to The University of Montana, were he attained a Bachelor of Science degree in Recreation Resource Management from the school of Forestry.

He returned to Telluride in the summer of 2002 and started Ajax Landscaping, a company specializing in Fire Fuel Reduction around houses in the area. In 2004 Tucker sold Ajax Landscaping and got his Real Estate Broker's license. That winter he joined his Dad in Scott Brown Realty. He moved to Boulder, CO in November of 2008 with his two dogs, Curly and Flash and is an avid skier, fly fisherman, softball player golfer, and Hiker.


  • Experience, market knowledge, historical perspective
  • Honesty, integrity and reliability
  • Data and market information that is accurate, complete and relevant
  • We will be your guide to make and save money
    2401 15th Avenue
    Longmont , Colorado
    4 Bedroom, 3 Bath
    5273 Estes Circle
    Arvada, Colorado
    2 Bedroom, 3 Bath
    1902 Poplar Avenue
    Boulder, Colorado
    5 Bedroom, 4 Bath
    62 Bridger Trail
    Ward, Colorado
    3 Bedroom, 3 Bath
    190 Salina Street
    Lafayette, Colorado
    4 Bedroom, 3 Bath

    1301 Canyon Blvd
    Boulder, Colorado
    1 Bedroom, 1 Bath
    1375 Allen Avenue
    Erie, Colorado
    4 Bedroom, 4 Bath
    16600 W 54th Ave
    Golden, Colorado
    4 Bedroom, 3 Bath
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